FemtoRig is an advanced python script For facial rigging

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FemtoRig is an advanced python script For facial rigging

Mahmoud youssef Ahmed
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FemtoRig is an advanced python script For the facial rigging 3D model

this video for showing Face Rigging script the "FemtoRig" which i have developed

it offers a perfect combination between the art and the technical you can Create highly advanced feature film quality rigs.

it has been used in production many in three TV series times and A Movie "Kiral Sakir"

there is more than 250 character with FemtoRig.


just copy "CMYScripts" folder anywhere you want,

Then Drag and drop the "install.mel" in your Maya scene it will create the icon to your active shelf.

How to use.

What does the script do?

1.it creates two types of modules

Generic Modules and Generic modules

The Centric module shares a microcontroller in it and it has to be for both sides it`s ideal for (Mouth, Nose ....etc).

The Generic Module don`t share any microcontrollers between the right and lift the side and it can be single side it`s ideal for (eyebrows, cheeks ..etc).

all the modules can have submodule (Upper and lower ) to use it for eyelid or the upper and lower moth lib.

Each module has 3 kinds of controllers.

A) The main controller which move the whole Module.

B) A macro controller that creates the main shapes and expressions.

C) Microcontroller which gives you high level of control on your face and it`s seamless integration with blend shape without any double transformation and the controller will always be flowing your vertex


the macro controllers control the micro ones with weights the scripts do the initial weights with a vector-math which I have rote to get the accurate weights for each microcontroller then it pules this vale back on each microcontroller to let you adjust what you need

2. The microcontrollers are seamless moves with the model deformation even if its blend shapes without any active blend shapes

3. Smart skinning tools makes the skinning process very easy and fast you will find the skin the joint based rig so easy

4.Saving and loading skinning weights for multiple objects at once

5.Transferring skinning between objects or even just a portion of an object to another portion for another object

6. stretch and squash creator: it will automatically create a stretch$squash for any selection and it will automatically be connected to your rig

7. transfer shapes that can easily transfer any kind of blend shapes you made on your model to any other models and connect them back to the original driver 

FaceBook Page: https://www.facebook.com/FemtoRig

Full Description and step by step for how to use: FemtoRig https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aT1CYY1eWaE 

Terms of Use Agreement

The intention of all FemtoRig is to aid 3d artists, animators, riggers, and generalists create great animated work.

By purchasing FemtoRig, you agree to not distribute the scripts (or any portion of them), or any of the rigs generated with the scripts (for resale or otherwise) outside of your production environment. This does mean you can rig a character and hand it off to an animator working directly with you or as a freelance.

The tool itself is for one user, Not for multiple Machines, The license is online is automatically generated after you buy the script and it will be replaced by offline license after one month, and if you won't an offline license immediately you have to send me your MacAdd. 

Rigs can be shared within a production environment but it is recommended you purchase a multi-license. The tools can be used for personal and/or professional work for films, broadcast, advertising, video games, and other forms of multi-media.

If you have further questions or concerns, please contact me at CMY.Mahmoud@hotmail.com.

Happy Rigging!



and I will try to support you as much as I can 

Mahmoud Youssef

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